Beyond Trauma: Healing Through Mindful Movement

Jul 19, 2023 | Reflections from the Heart

Our own Dr. DiBlasio, as well as additional members of The Safety Team were thrilled to be interviewed on four international podcasts: Couples Therapy in Seven Words, Disrupting the Dominoes, Notice That and Beyond Trauma. Each episode covers different information and all highlight our collaboration with The Safety Team in developing trauma informed programs for both violence prevention and trauma recovery. These innovative and comprehensive programs are based upon the latest advancements in the fields of neuroscience and trauma recovery and integrate the mind and body to facilitate healing. Our trauma recovery program has attracted attention worldwide and has yielded fast and transformational results.

Notice That and Beyond Healing Host Melissa Benintendi, an EMDR trainer and mental health counselor with expertise in trauma, interviewed Dr. DiBlasio, as well as Nancy Keller, M.Ed. and Christina Allard, PT (Read bios here) about their innovative programs that combine violence prevention with healing from trauma using a blend of psychoeducation and mindful movement under conditions of safety and connection. Read more here and listen to these podcast episodes from Notice That and Beyond Trauma.

Disrupting the Dominoes host Arlene Limas (PAVE CEO and Olympic Athlete) interviewed Dr. DiBlasio and Nancy Keller, M.Ed. while couples therapist Dr. Bruce Chalmer with educator Judy Alexander interviewed Dr. DiBlasio and Christina Allard, PT for a lively episode on Couples Therapy in Seven Words. Both of these episodes are engaging and feature information about the programs described below.

Here is some background information:

What is Empowerment Self-Defense?
Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) is a wholly different approach to self-defense than the padded attacker scenarios developed in the 70s which persist on many college campuses today. ESD is grounded in the concept of women’s strengths, equips participants with a range of emotional, intellectual, and physical tools to meet the many contexts in which sexual assaults occur, and places the responsibility fully on the attacker, not the victim. Furthermore, ESD is traditionally delivered by women for women. ESD programs like TST encourage open dialogue and effective communication, foster positive self-advocacy, teach hands-on skills, and promote healing. A critical component of these and all the Safety Team programs is challenge by choice. Affirmative consent is modeled and reinforced throughout these programs, and the social-cultural context of violence is highlighted.

Therapeutic Empowerment Self-Defense (TESD) is a first-in-the-world treatment developed and delivered by TST that combines trauma recovery delivered by licensed mental health professionals in conjunction with certified Safety Team Instructors.  This program features integrative mind-body empowerment and trauma treatment in a personalized and structured format. Based upon the latest advancements in neuroscience and trauma recovery, TESD is delivered in a manner that is well attuned to the needs of survivors, and combines enhanced psychoeducation with mindful movement–all under conditions of safety and connection to promote healing.

Both programs have been rigorously validated by external data collection and program evaluation and have shown extraordinary impact in empowering women, promoting trauma recovery, and reducing the risk of assault. Additionally, since its inception in 2018, TESD has demonstrated dramatic healing and post traumatic growth among trauma survivors.

Results include:
• Reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms
• Greater understanding of the trauma and fear response
• Reduced risk of re-assault
• Enhanced feelings of strength, power, trust in oneself and “presence” in body
• Greater connection to other survivors—our programs reinforce that you are not alone
• Reduction in self-blame/redirection of blame towards the perpetrator

For more information, email Dr. DiBlasio.

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