Group Therapy

We currently offer a variety of groups and often add specific groups when needed.  Group therapy can be an effective treatment modality and is often used in conjunction with individual, family or couples therapy.

Our current offerings include a group offered by a licensed drug and alcohol counselor to support those clients who are engaged in the recovery process. This group has been running for many years, and is facilitated by Victoria Colvin, LICSW, LADC.  This group can be combined with individual therapy as needed.

We also offer an innovative trauma recovery program for women (TESD) described here and here.

TESD is an integrated mind-body treatment program that uses a blend of individual and small group sessions to facilitate healing.  This treatment consists of both psychoeducation and mindful movement under conditions of safety, and it is currently sponsored by a grant through the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services.  The program has demonstrated overwhelmingly positive results in fostering healing, and as such has received global attention for its mind-body approach.

Additionally, we offer an ongoing DBT skills group facilitated by Danielle Seymour, M.A., LCMHC.  DBT is an evidenced based treatment protocol found to be helpful in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders and impulse control issues.

We also periodically offer a more general women’s support group, run by Penny Grant, M.A., LCMHC.

All of our groups allow for ongoing enrollment. For more information about our current group offerings, contact us at

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge”

– Tuli Kupferberg

Providers Offering Group Therapy

Victoria Colvin, LICSW, LADC

Christine DiBlasio, Ph.D.

Penny Grant, M.A., LCMHC

Danielle Seymour, M.A., LCMHC

Issues Treated with Group Therapy



Trauma & PTSD

Grief, Loss, Life Transitions

Stress Management

Substance Abuse

Relationship Issues

Coping with Health Challenges