Art Journey: An Expressive Arts Group for Adolescents

Oct 26, 2013 | News & Events

Art Journey: An Expressive Arts Group for Adolescent Girls, is being offered by Michelle Turbide, LICSW

Expressive Arts (EXA) provides an opportunity to increase emotional awareness,  is a tool for self-soothing, and can be a useful method for exploring the internal emotional landscape with sensory, body based, creative techniques. Expressive arts has been shown to have positive effects on the flight/flight response resulting from excessive anxiety, stress, and trauma. Differing from Art Therapy, EXA uses multi-modal experiences of visual, movement, sound, music, poetry, and drama to explore the senses and engage the imagination. Meaning and metaphor can be gained from this experience, however the primary use of the arts is experience not analysis.

While talk therapy and cognitive based treatments are effective approaches for a variety of clinical issues, there has been increasing evidence that body based and creative modalities have an effect on the healing process as well. Expressive arts modalities help to unlock some of the body’s natural healing and self soothing mechanisms providing a non-threatening experience to explore and attune to one’s emotions. EXA can assist clients by exploring the sensory memory of past experience and opening up new ways of experiencing those memories which allows for the possibility of a new cognitive narrative.

Group therapy provides a milieu in which maladaptive patterns and reactions can arise in a therapeutic setting and be given space for exploration and new perspectives. Groups provide a safe environment in which to explore the concept that we are not alone in our suffering while offering the comfort of connecting with others in similar experiences.

The Art Journey group will work with a variety of media to explore issues of self-concept, critical self judgment, grief/loss, shame and vulnerability, healthy decision making, and interpersonal relationships. The focus of the group is not on product but process in the creative expression and a ‘talent’ in the arts is not required for participation.

This group is for teen girls, ages 13-17, who may be struggling in the areas of self confidence, interpersonal relationships, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, worthiness, and self-harm. Each month, we will work with a different theme to explore the inner landscape of our lives and bring to light the beliefs, thoughts, and perspectives that are shaping our experiences. It will take place  2-3 Fridays a month from 3:15 pm until 4:45 pm, beginning in early November and ending in June.
Admission is rolling throughout the year. Group capacity is 8 youth and commitment is on a month to month basis. Please call Michelle Turbide , MSW, LICSW at 802.654.7607 ext 6 for more information or to schedule an intake.

Michelle Turbide , LICSW has over 15 years experience working with children & families and welcomes inquires about her services. She can be reached via email at

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