Beautiful covered bridge represents transition. We offer psychological, and mental health counseling for your journey in South Burlington Vermont.

To Contact Dr. Broer:

Dr. Broer welcomes inquiries regarding his services and availability. He can be contacted by phone at (802) 654-7607 ext 4 after July 1, 2022 or by sending an email message to

Steve Broer, Psy.D.

  • Education & Scope of Practice
  • Licensed Psychologist-Doctorate
  • Psy.D. from Antioch University, 2000
  • Consultation & Program Development
  • Individual Therapy with Adults
    focusing on:

    • Depression & Anxiety Recovery
    • Trauma Recovery
    • Men’s Issues
    • Adapting to Serious Health Issues
    • Coming to Terms with Grief & Loss
    • Stress Management Skills
    • Support for Individuals in Challenging Leadership Positions
    • Support for First Responders

Steve Broer received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2000 from Antioch University. He completed an American Psychological Association (APA) internship in New Hampshire at Riverbend Community Mental Health and the Dartmouth Family Practice Residency program. He completed a post-doctoral year at the APA accredited Dartmouth-Hitchcock West Central Behavioral Health. With more than 30 years of experience, he has worked in a variety of academic & clinical practice settings. For the last several years he has been in a clinical leadership position in public mental health where he was able to develop a range of innovative service delivery models with a talented team of colleagues. Dr. Broer is the recipient of the 2018 Certificate of Recognition for Suicide Prevention by the Vermont Suicide Prevention Coalition.

I draw from a variety of theoretical orientations and believe it is important to continually develop my knowledge and skills. I believe each of us has inherent strengths and potential. My therapeutic approach focuses on helping you to identify yours and direct them towards meeting the challenges you face. The foundation for this work is building a trusting connection where you feel safe to work towards the goals you identify for understanding and change.

Dr. Broer welcomes inquiries about any of the services that he offers and may be reached via email at or by telephone at (802) 654-7607 ext 4.