Intensive Hypnotherapy

Jun 16, 2013 | Stone House Spotlight

Dr. Bruce Chalmer has been helping individuals, couples, and families for over twenty years. In this short youtube video, Dr.Chalmer describes Hypnotherapy, also known as clinical hypnosis, which is an effective treatment modality to help solve a variety of problems. View his youtube video here

What is Hypnotherapy?
As the name implies, hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method that involves the use of hypnosis. So what is hypnosis? Although there is no universally accepted definition, the word hypnosis is generally used for a mental state of enhanced focus, also known as trance, during which you can concentrate on particular things and block out distractions much more effectively than in usual waking consciousness.
Everyone experiences trance, though you might not have called it that. If you’ve ever been absorbed in a book, or a game, or a conversation, and lost track of time, you’ve been in trance. So hypnosis, or trance, is a common phenomenon—you’ve already experienced it in one form or another. What happens in hypnotherapy is that you’ll learn to induce and deepen your trance state, with your therapist’s guidance, and use it to help you with whatever you’re working on.
While people vary in their ability to experience hypnosis, research shows that about 90% of people score high or medium on standard scales of hypnotizability. Curiously, the apparent “depth” of the trance you experience is not necessarily related to the effectiveness of the therapy. In other words, people often benefit from hypnotherapy even when they don’t seem to be in a deep trance.

How can Hypnotherapy Help?
Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help you:
• Stop smoking
• Change your lifestyle and lose weight
• Reduce or eliminate excess anxiety
• Sleep better
• Use your own resources to control pain
• Recover from the effects of trauma
• Overcome phobias and other fears
• Perform up to your potential

At Stone House Associates, Dr. Bruce Chalmer offers Intensive Hypnotherapy sessions of 75 minutes and up. You can schedule Intensive Hypnotherapy sessions on Sundays or evenings, or during regular business hours, depending on your needs. Although Intensive Hypnotherapy sessions are not covered by insurance, you may find that scheduling one or more Intensive Hypnotherapy sessions can be a helpful supplement to jumpstart your progress in regular psychotherapy sessions.

For more information, visit Dr. Chalmer’s provider page or contact him via email at

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