Aug 26, 2012 | Reflections from the Heart

This writing was sent in by a parent prior to sending her child off to college. It captures the bittersweet sentiment of many a parent in the process of letting go.

Dear Bursar,

I wanted to include a little information about my son with this tuition payment. However, the memo line on the check wasn’t quite big enough, so I’ve included this note.

First I want to tell you that when we moved into our house, David was four. He discovered a forsythia bush in full bloom and crawled up inside its wild, unpruned branches and remarked in amazement how it was like a magic yellow cave. He can be wicked lazy and frequently sleeps until noon but accompanies me to church most Sundays. I want to tell you that he is polite and kind to old people. He is not above talking in a goofy voice to our dog. Although his taste in music can sometimes be questionable at best, he has introduced me to some of the most interesting artists that I have ever heard. He’s a beast on the football field, a good dancer and has the heart of a poet. He is excited to leave and most days I am equally excited to let him go. He has made me cry as hard as he’s made me laugh. I look forward to knowing the man that he will be in four years…. but I am already missing that four year old in the magic yellow cave.

By Cathy Placella Catterson, one of our featured community contributors.  Cathy welcomes comments and can be contacted via email  at .

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